Dandelions: A Friend In Time Of Need

dandelion flower, dandelion seed and dandelion bud Dandelions are recognized for their spectacular yellow flowers that are later replaced by a globular downy orb, dispatching seeds on the air flow. Other people look at this plant as a persistent weed that may invade even a pristine garden.

This herb has smooth, toothy edged, and hollow, milky, stems that yield a single flower. Also referred to as ‘swine’s snout,’ Dandelion’s green sepals encircle its shut bud creating a silhouette that is similar to a pig’s nose.

A number of blossoms resemble Dandelions. Check the leaves as well as the blossom stems. In the event the leaves happen to be furry or if the flower stems are branched -- or the root structure doesn't fit the description of Dandelion root – you've likely found a look-alike and not a real Dandelion herb.

A nutritious food as well as a prized pick-me-up, Dandelions are edible from the root, to the leaves as well as the blooms. Collect Dandelion in an area KNOWN to be without any bug sprays and dangerous chemical contaminants -- stay away from roadsides. [PART 2]