Dandelion Videos

Dandelion Dance ~ Courting Ritual Visual Art

An antique dance, a courting ritual. A dandelion flower to blow desires. The double time bourrée dance is full of romantic and loving meanings, it is almost a theatrical transposition of dynamics of seduction. The dancers come close, reaching towards each other, then they turn away, find and avoid each other, without ever touching. The dandelion flower is the spring oracle. The legend says that the lovers give their wishes to the flower and then blow them away to make them come true. The soundtrack is made by Julia Kent: a contemporary bourrée based on the traditional structure.

Source: Elisa Talentino

Film and TV

{Dandelion Lego Brick Short Film}

{Dandelion Dance ~ Courting Ritual Visual Art}

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Dandelions and Animals

{The Keeshond Puppy and the Dandelion Puff}

{Turtle Tries To Eat A Bouquet of Dandelions}

{2 Cute Cats and Some Dandelions}

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Arts & Crafts

{How To Paint Dandelions}

{How To Make An Origami Paper Dandelion Flower}

{How To Draw Dandelions - Video Tutorial}

{Dandelion Painting Technique Using Q-Tips & Toilet Paper Rolls}

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Time Lapse/Visuals/Digital Imagery

{Dandelion Time Lapse Photography}

{Timelapse - Dandelions Growing in a Lawn}

{Film Scene "Dandelions"}

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Stories and Poetry

{"Dandelion Wine" Book by Ray Bradbury}

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Dandelion Music

{"Dandelion" Love Song by Tevin Campbell}

{"Dandelion" by the Rolling Stones}

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Inspirational and Spiritual

{The Impact of Self Love - Dandelion Prayers }

{A Dandelion Story That Inspired Healing}

{Dandelion Meditation Videos}

Dandy Kids Vids

{Dandelion Videos For Kids}

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Educational/Informational Vids

{Taraxacum Officinale (Dandelion) Information}

{Turning Dandelions Into Rubber For Tires}

{Dandelion Root Benefits As A Cleansing Herb}

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Dandelion Recipes

{How To Make Dandelion Salad}

{How To Make Dandelion Infused Oil}

{How To Make Dandelion Honey/Syrup}

[More Dandelion Recipe Videos]

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Strange and Unique

{Dandelion Delight Short Artistic Video}

{Strange Dandelion Or Weird Plant?}

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{Lawnageddon - The Importance of Dandelions To Bees}

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