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Dandelion Remedies And Applications

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yellow dandelion flower up close Find a place free of herbicides and pesticides to collect Dandelion plants, including roots and their tops.

High quality dried Dandelion can be used also. It is best to gather more than you believe you will require because the plant will wilt in the course of processing. Clean the plants as outlined by instructions located here.

Slice the roots thinly. Fill 25 % to two-thirds of a canning jar with dandelion root. Over this, pour just enough boiling water to scarcely cover the herbs. Fill the rest of the space within the jar with 100 proof vodka. Tightly seal the jar and shake it to mix the contents completely.

Put the jar in a warm sunlit area. Sunlight is not detrimental to the tincture. Shake the jar two times a day. In 2 weeks, the tincture shall be ready. Make use of a clean cloth or coffee filter to strain the fluid. Press the solid matter to express all of the fluid. Pour the tincture in a dark amber glass bottle, filling close to the rim to eliminate air exposure in the course of storage. Cap the container tightly. Store in a cool, dark cupboard till needed.

Take a spoonful of the tincture daily to help with health concerns.

Several herbalists employ dandelion leaf as well as the root to create tinctures. Dandelion leaf tinctures are taken by putting ten to fifteen drops into a spoon filled with water, taken three times each day.

This content is not presented as medical advice. The data found here is for the enrichment of the reader and it is not provided as a substitute for the treatment of a health expert. Readers making use of this information ought to move forward with discernment, good sense and assume all liability.

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