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A collection of videos for making various yummy things from dandelions, either using the flower petals, leaves or roots, or the whole entire plant. Make different delicious dandelion foods and tasty dandelion drinks from scratch.

Dandelions are packed with many nutrients and minerals that are healthy and beneficial to the body. Dandelions are used for their medicinal properities and which can aid healing and help to prevent illness. [Dandelion Health Benefits]

{How To Make Dandelion Bread}

{How To Make Dandelion Coffee}

{How To Make Dandelion Vinegar}

{How To Make A Dandelion Salve}

{How To Make Dandelion Tea}

{How To Make Dandelion Jelly}

{How To Make Dandelion Wine}

{How To Make A Dandelion &Burdock Shandy Drink}

{How To Make Homemade Dandelion Flower Cupcakes}

{How To Make Raw Vegan Dandelion Stuffing or Dip}

{How To Make Dandelion Honey/Syrup}

{How To Make Dandelion Salad}

{How To Make Dandelion Infused Oil}

{How To Make Dandelion Skin Lotion}

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Even More Dandelion Recipes!
Text versions only (easy to print out!) of some classic and modern dandelion recipes; from an 'Eggs and Dandelion Greens' breakfast, to a Dandelion Petal Sorbert desert-- How about a Tasty Dandelion Taco, or a Jolly Dandelion Jello mold?