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Dandelions: A Friend In Time Of Need

dandelion flower, dandelion seed and dandelion bud Dandelions are recognized for their spectacular yellow flowers that are later replaced by a globular downy orb, dispatching seeds on the air flow. Other people look at this plant as a persistent weed that may invade even a pristine garden.

This herb has smooth, toothy edged, and hollow, milky, stems that yield a single flower. Also referred to as ‘swine’s snout,’ Dandelion’s green sepals encircle its shut bud creating a silhouette that is similar to a pig’s nose.

A number of blossoms resemble Dandelions. Check the leaves as well as the blossom stems. In the event the leaves happen to be furry or if the flower stems are branched -- or the root structure doesn't fit the description of Dandelion root – you've likely found a look-alike (False Dandelion) and not a real Dandelion herb.

A nutritious food as well as a prized pick-me-up, Dandelions are edible from the root, to the leaves as well as the blooms. Collect Dandelion in an area KNOWN to be without any bug sprays and dangerous chemical contaminants -- stay away from roadsides.


long stemmed dandelion flower with long leaves This plant derives its popular name from the shape of its leaves. The outlines of the leaves are referenced by the French phrase 'dent du lion.'

It is best to collect leaves in the spring before the plant blossoms because the plant's vitality is targeted in the brand new growth during that time. Tonics, Teas, Soups and Salads are all improved by these. Dandelion leaves great whether enjoyed fresh or dried for use later.

Insert the leaves in a basin of clean water and gently stir them. Let them soak undisturbed while the dirt falls to the bottom of the container. Carefully remove the leaves from the water in order that the dirt isn't stirred up into the water. Making use of running water to rinse them again. Put the leaves into a strainer bowl to drain. {Continue to PART TWO}

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