False Dandelions

A False dandelion is a common name for various plants and flower species that are often mistaken for the True Dandelion, because of similar appearances and charactistics.

The distinct features of the dandelion makes it fairly easy to recognize. But there are also several different plant and flower species that resemble the dandelion and share many of its characteristic features. But since some of these species are relatives of the Dandelion, many of them are edible and have nutritional and medicinal benefits similar to dandelions.

Here is a list of the most common false dandelions.

Hypochaeris   (Hypochaeris radicata)   (Hypochaeris sessiliflora)
Agoseris   (Agoseris monticola)   (Agoseris grandiflora)   (Agoseris apargioides)
Leontodon   (Leontodon hispidus)   (Leontodon taraxacoides)
Pyrrhopappus   (Pyrrhopappus multicaulis)   (Pyrrhopappus carolinianus)
Nothocalais   (Nothocalais alpestris)   (Nothocalais cuspidata)
Scorzoneroides   (Scorzoneroides autumnalis)
Crepis(Hawksbeard)   Hieracium(Hawksweed)

hypochaeris radicata fake dandelion flower mountain dandelion fake dandelion flower hawkweed hierakion fake dandelion flower Crepis hawksbeard fake dandelion flower scorzoneroides muelleri fake dandelion flower hawkbits fake dandelion flower Texas Dandelion Pyrrhopappus carolinianus fake dandelion flower false Nothocalais Troximoides dandelion flower