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ocean dandelionGoogle Doodle Celebrates Physicist Joseph Antoine Ferdinand

Joseph Antoine Ferdinand was one of the first people to demonstrate the illusion of a moving image. In this one particular animated representation. the spinning yellow wheel just happens to resemble the intricate design of the dandelion flower, if you consider the geometrical pattern of its flower petals and seeds.

ocean dandelionDandelion Capital of the World

Vineland, New Jersey, has the distinction of being named the “Dandelion Capital of the World.” In fact, the first National Dandelion Festival was held in Vineland in 1973. To this day, the Annual Dandelion Dinner Festival is held in Vineland, New Jersey. Patrons of this event can enjoy a variety of dishes prepared with dandelions, including dandelion salad, which is one of the most popular and most commonly found dandelion dish throughout the world.

ocean dandelionNASA news: Incredible photos of the "dandelion flower" on Mars

NASA’s spacecraft took this black-and-white image of Mars from orbit on July 21, 2019. Astronomers from The University of Arizona have now singled it out for featuring what appears to be a large dandelion flower. There are so many in this case that the crater is reminiscent of a delicate ‘dandelion clock’.

ocean dandelionOcean Dandelions - Wierd Sea Creatures

Imagine, a single creature that's not just made up of trillions of cells, but also hundreds of animals! Consider how all of these animals work together in the same way your cells work together, creating a type of "super organism". Each “petal” of the Ocean Dandelion is a single member of its 'colony', able to survive a short time on its own before starving to death...

green dandelion tireBad taxonomy can kill world records

Or, When the world's tallest dandelion isn't a dandelion. The fact checkers at Guinness World Records who put themselves and their company into this embarrassing situation. So, what is truly the record for world's tallest dandelion? Well, there are reports out there that show real dandelion (Taraxacum species). So far, the record seems to be the dandelion found by a Norwegian boy, Bjørn Magne, with a 108 cm (42 inches) long flower stalk, and reported to World Record Academy in 2007.

green dandelion tireDandelion seeds reveal newly discovered form of natural flight

Why the plant is among the best fliers in the natural world. The extraordinary flying ability of dandelion seeds is possible thanks to a form of flight that has not been seen before in nature, research has revealed.Researchers from the University of Edinburgh carried out experiments to better understand why dandelion seeds fly so well, despite their parachute structure being largely made up of empty space.

green dandelion tireContinental Develops "Dandelion Tyres"

Continental’s latest innovation is the 'Dandelion Tyre'. The notion of obtaining latex from dandelions has been around for a long time. Dandelions can be cultivated on land that is unsuitable for food crops, which means creating plantations next to the tyre plants in central Europe makes both economic and ecological sense.

green dandelion tire Delicate Miniature Sculptures Made From Dandelion Seeds

Blowing the white fluffy seeds off a dandelion is a universal childhood experience. But for this Tokyo-based artist who goes by the name (euglena), the fluff serves a different, artistic purpose. She harvests them to create impossibly delicate sculptures that beg to be observed up close. Just don’t sneeze.

green dandelion tire The Physics Behind Dandelion Seed Plume Dispersal Revealed

The fluffy dandelion seed head -- that gauzy, white sphere that is really a cluster of seeds on wispy filaments -- infuriates gardeners, but delights physicists. That’s because those seeds may lend key insights into the physics of parachutes, useful for designing small drones, or micro air vehicles.

green dandelion tire Dandelions: One of the Healthiest Foods on the Planet

There is probably no flower more hated, or misunderstood, than the bright yellow dandelion. In the United States, they are considered “weeds,” the name for any unwanted plant. Dandelions are hard to kill. And that is a good thing because they are actually one of the most nutritious foods in the world. A 2014 study ranks dandelion greens as one of the top 41 most nutritious foods. Coming in at number 16, the wild growing “weed” topped popular healthy like kale and broccoli.

green dandelion tireDrifting Dandelion Seeds Produce a Vortex Never Before Seen

The air flowing through the bristly tufts of dandelion seeds creates a vortex scientists had never viewed in nature. Researchers at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland — set up a small wind tunnel to mimic the conditions of a seed falling, floating a number of dandelion seeds with their top tufts in the breeze. What they recorded surprised them

green dandelion tireRevealed: the extraordinary flight of the dandelion

The floating of a seed shows how appreciating the wonders of the Universe can begin with a new look at the everyday. As many a child discovers to their delight, when a dandelion sets seed, the flower (actually, hundreds of tiny florets) turns into a mass of seeds known as a dandelion clock. Here’s the surprising part — the mechanism of this dispersal was unknown until now.

green dandelion tireEnigmatic Invertebrates: The Dandelion Animal

One of the exciting parts of being involved in NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer expedition dives into the deep sea is the opportunity to see strange and unusual animals living in their natural habitat. Among the most unusual is the so-called “dandelion animal.” This dandelion siphonophore is the first one observed on this expedition. Found at approximately 2,530 meters (8,300 feet) depth.

dandelion seed stainless steel scultpure artIncredibly Fascinating Fairy Sculptures Dancing With Dandelions

The enchanting forms, which range in size from miniature to life-sized, seem to have a life of their own as they strike dynamic poses, contort their bodies, and hold onto windswept dandelions.

dandelions in grassCancer-killing dandelion tea gets $157K research grant

There is Scientific evidence that Dandelion, along with many other Herbs and Natural treatments provide immune-system benefits and can aid in the elimination of cancer cells within the body. (Articles like these, are just the beginning in making this research/evidence become more 'mainstream' news, so that more people can benefit.)

two dandelionsWeed wine? Dandelion drinks gain a following

Spring is the greatest, right? Everything comes alive suddenly, especially the dandelions. They're instantly recognizable — the cheeriest and most iconic weed. But they're so much more than a lawn pest. Dandelions are used in all kinds of folk remedies and herbal medicine. The leaves are edible. And best of all, the petals can be made into wine!

dandelion flowerDandelion gets Scientific Acceptance as an Antioxidant and cancer Therapy

Medical science is finally beginning to accept the positive results from natural dietary supplements in healing cancer. Not only is Dandelion a delicious super-food when added to salads and soups, but many Scientists also believe that dandelion should be considered a "novel" non-toxic anti-cancer agent.