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Dandelion, Your Way to a Acne-Free Face

bright orange dandelions You have been constantly going to your dermatologist to have your face get treated, but sooner or later, acne is visible again. You were so depressed already. You want to save yourself in visiting your doctor every week but your acne is your worst enemy in the moment. You are running out of cash but you just can't spoil your day by not going out with a date with your campus crush.

Want to cure your acne in the most natural yet the most inexpensive way? For sure you do. Here is the plant, easy to find in your surroundings, and could be the best natural way to cure your acne.

It is believed that dandelion roots are more effective compared to its stem and leaf. Dandelion can actually cure other ailments such as rheumatism, gallstone, arthritis, constipation and skin diseases which include your main concern- acne.

One reason why we get to have pimples is due to the toxin present in our body. And dandelion root works as blood purifier and it helps our kidney and liver to remove toxins in our blood. Acne starts to flare up when kidney and the liver functions inadequately. Dandelion stimulate eradication of toxins, it yields significant benefits to naturally cure acne. According to research, dandelion is rich in Vitamins A, B, C, D, potassium, zinc and also iron which gives us a clear complexion. {Continue to PART TWO}

Excerpt Chapter From: Breverton's Complete Herbal: A Book of Remarkable Plants and Their Uses
By Terry Breverton


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