Dandelion Recipes

Dandelion Sorbet


* 1 quart of fresh dandelion blossoms
* 3 cups of water
* 1/2 cup of sugar
* 1/2 cup of mild honey
* 3 tablespoons of lemon juice


1. Immediately after picking the dandelion blossoms, snip off the yellow portions of the petals from the green calyx (the big, tubular part that holds the petals), leaving the bitter white bottoms of the petals still attached to the calyx. Discard the calyxes.
2. Heat the water, sugar and honey in a small saucepan.
3. Once the syrup mix comes to a boil, remove it from the heat and stir in the yellow petals. (the faster you get the petals in the syprup the sweeter your sorbet will be).
4. Cover and let steep for at least one hour.
5. Strain the syrup through a fine sieve.
6. Stir the lemon juice into the syrup mixture.
7. Place in a covered container in the refrigerator to chill overnight (for at least 8 hours).
8. After chilling overnight, freeze the cooled syrup mixture in an ice cream maker. (You can also freeze the mixture on a baking sheet until solid and then puree it in a strong blender).
9. Once your ice cream maker has finished the process, freeze the sorbet ina covered container to store for no less than 3 days. Remove the sorbet from the freezer 15-20 minutes before serving to make scooping easier.

Make homemade dandelion Honey Syrup!

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