Dandelion Recipes

Fried Dandelion Flowers


* About 20 dandelion yellow flower heads
(remove the stalks and green parts)
*Olive Oil for frying
*1 beaten egg
*2 Tbsp polenta (cornmeal)
*Pinch of dried thyme and oregano
*Pinch of salt and ground black pepper


1. Rinse the dandelion flowers and gently dry
2. Place frying pan over medium heat, and when hot, add a thin layer of oil to the pan.
3. Mix the polenta (cornmeal) with the salt, black pepper, dried oregano and dried thyme
4. Dip the flowers first in the beaten egg, and then in the seasoned polenta.
5. Fry the flowers in batches, stalk side up, for around 3 minutes or until a golden color.
6. Remove from pan and drain.
7. You can also use any different herbs to suit your taste, or you can even dip the flowers in the egg batter and deep fry them.
8. A great snack that serves about 2-3 people.

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