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How To Make Fresh Homemade Roasted Dandelion Coffee or Tea

Dandelion coffee in mug Dandelion coffee is delicious, and when brewed properly it will closely resemble the flavor and body of regular coffee, but minus the caffeine. Unlike commercial coffee, dandelion coffee contains no harmful substances and is actually FILLED with nutrients.

The largest sized dandelion roots you can find, the better. The best dandelions to harvest are those found in a field that gets plowed frequently or a large garden. The soil in these areas will be much looser which allows the roots to get larger, and also makes digging much easier.

dandelion roots in ground
Look for the biggest and thickest clumps of dandelion leaves you can find since these will have larger and thicker roots. Use a shovel to start digging up the roots. Carefully cut the greens away from the roots.A one gallon bucket filled with roots will yield around a gallon or two of coffee.

You can also save the green leaves for use in Fresh Salads or other dishes, or they can be stored by freezing for later use.

dandelions soaking in waterThe Roots need to be washed thoroughly. You can do this outside by laying them on a screen or other surface and hosing them down first. Then, place the roots in a large bowl or bucket filled with water and scrub them thoroughly by hand to remove any tough dirt and sediment. Pour out the dirty water and refill the container again.

Repeat this rinsing and washing process until the water is completely clear. This may take 5 - 10 rinses and you will want to use cold water.

Once you have your roots washed, cut them up into chunks. Put these chunks again into a large bowl or container and fill it up again with water. Repeat the previous washing/rinsing process again until the water runs clear. {Continue to PART TWO}

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