Dandelion and the Orchid: A Story of Unconditional Love

Orchid flower and Dandelion Weed

An Orchid sat next to a Dandelion in a beautiful meadow.

One day the Orchid noticed that the Dandelion was looking so very sad. So Orchid asked, "Dandelion what troubles you on this beautiful day?" The Dandelion withered a bit and kept silent. The Orchid then begged the Dandelion to talk about her troubles.

Finally, after several minutes of begging the Dandelion broke down and started crying. This just shocked Orchid, for she didn't know what she could do to console the poor little Dandelion!! Orchid leaned down and put a petal around Dandelion and said, "What hurts you on this gorgeous day full of sunshine with the sweet, warm air flowing through the meadow?" Dandelion said, "Orchid, you are so majestic and beautiful that all things look at you in amazement. Here I sit, a plain old Dandelion viewed as a weed and nuisance." "My Dear," Orchid exclaimed in dismay, "For you do not see yourself as I see you... Not only are you beautiful, you are so powerfully magnificent!"

Dandelion stood up and dried her tears, as wonderment was replacing the grief. "What in the sweet heavens are you talking about Orchid? All things are admiring you from near and far. Who in the world would see that in me, a weed?"

"Oh my sweet Dandelion," said Orchid in a soothing voice, look deep within you and see... You are nurturer and a great healer!" A little bewildered... Dandelion said to Orchid, "Have you gone mad?" Giggling at her, she says, "You are made of the stuff that heals with all your medicinal properties; you are nurturer because you feed the world with your tender soul and make wine with your precious petals and did I mention BEAUTIFUL? As I stand here and look at you, all that I see is your radiant golden glow shining through this meadow. You blossom through your season like a wispy white cloud, can anything be more beautiful."

Dandelion, stared at Orchid with an endearing smile. As the grief passed she said, "Orchid I'm so grateful to have a friend like you that loves me that much."

"Little Dandelion," said Orchid, "My love for you is deep and unconditional. We have been planted here by nature as One, as Soul Sisters."

There is a deep love that circulates this earth that is unchangeable, undeniable and one the most powerful forces in our lives... Sisterhood!