Dandelion and White Trillium by Anne Baxter

glowing dandelion seed overlooking field

Dandelion: It is such a lovely warm day, I shall open up as much as I can to get the sun.

White Trillium: How can you bear the hot sun? I like my home in the shade of this tree.

Dandelion: You came up very early this spring.

White Trillium: No, I always come up early so I can get the sunshine before the leaves come out far on the trees.

Dandelion: But I thought you. didn't like the sun.

White Trillium: Not too much; but I need some sunshine. My family always grow in the woods, where we are shaded by the trees.

Dandelion: We are quite different. We always grow on lawns or in meadows, where there is only the grass to shade us. The wasps and bees visit us, to get our honey.

White Trillium: What do you do when evening comes?

Dandelion: I wrap my green leaves closely around me. It forms a snug covering at night or when it is raining.

Nell: I want some flowers for poor Mary. She has been very ill and cannot go out to see the flowers. Here are some trilliums. I know she will love them.

White Trillium: I do not want to be picked. I want to stay in the woods. I shall droop my head.

Nell: Those dandelions have such long stems. I think I shall sit down under the trees and make a dandelion chain.

Dandelion: I want to stay here in the gren field. I do not want to be in a chain. I shall hide my head in my leaves.

Nell: Now, I have my chain made and a big bunch of flowers for Mary. I must hurry, as it is getting late.

White Trillium: I am so glad she did not pick me. Are you there, dnadelion?

Dandelion: I am just opening up. Why! White Trillium, you have changed! Your petals are turning a pale pink.

White Trillium: Yes, I am getting old. Dandelion And so am I. See! I am turning white. Wind I must scatter these dandelion seeds. White Trillium I wish the dandelion had stayed longer. I feel lonesome here alone.

Primary Education, Volume 28