Shawondasee and the Golden Girl

glowing dandelion seed overlooking field

Shawondasee, the South Wind, was much gentler than his brothers of the East, West, and North. He liked to go softly and enjoy the beauty of the world. He was also rather shy.

So one spring day when he looked across the meadow and saw a lovely maiden dressed in green, with amazing hair as yellow as the sun, he didn’t dare rush to her side. He just admired her from afar, and that night went to sleep promising himself, “Tomorrow I’ll go introduce myself.”

The next day Shawondasee saw her again, but he hesitated. “I mustn’t be too bold. I don't want to scare her.” Each night he went to bed sighing over her beauty, and hoping that the next day he’d have courage to ask her to marry him.

But one morning he could hardly see her bright hair. Had she pulled her green shawl over her head? If she was upset about something, this was not the day to visit her.

And the next day he found that he had waited too long. Her hair had turned completely white, like an old woman! Shawondesee sighed mightily with grief and disappointment. The air filled with silvery puffs like thistledown, and when he looked again, she had disappeared.

Poor Shawondasee! He had fallen in love with Dandelion!