The Dandelion Flower - A Short Poetic Story

glowing dandelion seed overlooking field

As the dandelion stood proud and tall, a flower bent down and said, "Humph, why, you're no flower at all! Only just a lowly weed."

The dandelion responded, "I may be a weed, but once before I was a beautiful seed. And when the little girl comes to pick the greatest flower for her mother, we'll see who it is, and I won't care one way or another."

All the flower could say was,"Humph!" Then she stood up tall and patiently waited.

Now when the little girl came to pick her flower, she sat there and looked for a whole hour!

Finally she chose the dandiest of them all; the small, bright, yellow dandelion. As she carried him off the dandelion said to the flower, "Well look who she picked at the end of the hour. A small, bright, yellow flower; and look who she left, a great, tall weed!"

The flower respectfully responded,"You truly are the greater flower, but I don't care one way or another."