Time Flowers - Children's Story by Kate Louise Brown

glowing dandelion seed overlooking field

Down in the grass plot of a pretty garden grew a dandelion. He wore a green doublet, and his head was covered with sunny, yellow curls In the morning he stood up boldly, lifting his jolly little face to catch the dewdrops. THat was his morning bath, and he found it very refreshing. At dusk he put on a green nightgown, and went to bed right early.

The nurses said, as they called the children from their play, "See, now, there is the good dandelion! He knows when it is time to go to bed."

As the dandelion grew older, his yellow curls turned to white. Then the children would blow--one, two, three times. How the white hairs would flit away! If all went, it was a sign that mother wanted them at once. If any were left, the children counted them; and if ten hairs were left, they said, "Mother wants us at ten o'clock;" while if but two remained, they said, "Mother will look for us at two o'clock."

WHen Bessie awoke in the morning, she would see the morning-glory cups peeping in at her window saying, "Six o'clock; time to get up."

The little portulaccas opened in the morning,but shut up their buds very tightly before noon. Bessie used to watch the four-o'clocks open every afternoon. They told her that pap's train had just started from Boston. Beforeb edtime, she would run out and see the evening primose opening its pale yellow stars in the fast-gathering twilight. Do you know any more time flowers?

The plant baby and its friends LXV By Kate Louise Brown