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Dandelion Remedies And Applications (Part 2)

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yellow dandelion flower up close Pour two cups of boiling water over an ounce of Dandelion and allow to steep for ten minutes. Strain the herbs from the water and sweeten it with honey. During the day, drink a few glasses . This tea is helpful in the management of water retention and nausea.

How To Prepare Home Made Dandelion Tea (Video)


This method of herbal preparation involves gently simmering an herb until the water is reduced to a specific amount.

1st Version
Place two cups of the sliced root in twenty parts of water and gently boil for fifteen minutes. Filter the liquid and allow to cool, sweetening it with honey. A small cupful can be consumed once or twice each day.

2nd Version
Simmer two ounces of the herb or root within one quart of water until the quantity is diminished to a pint.

Take this in six ounce doses every 3 hours for scurvy (a result of not enough vitamin C), scrofula (lymph gland tuberculosis generally in the neck), eczema and many types of outbreaks on the surface of the body.

Version 3
Decoction for jaundice in young children:

* One ounce Dandelion root
* One half ounce of each: Caraway seed, Cinnamon bark and Ginger root
* ¼ ounce Senna leaves

Simmer in 6 cups of water until decreased in volume to 1 1/2 pint. Strain. Dissolve ¾ cup honey into the hot liquid and bring to a boil again. Skim all the impurities that come to the surface when clear. Allow to cool. Give frequently by the teaspoon doses.

Version 4
Decoction for Gall Stones

* Combine 1 oz each of the following: Dandelion root, Balm herb & Parsley root
* 1/2 ounce each Liquorice root & Ginger root
* Put the mixture into 2 quarts of water and gently boil until the volume is lessened by 1/2 (1 quart)
* Strain. Drink 6 ounces every couple of hours.

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