Dandelion Health Benefits

Improves Liver function
Dandelion helps by removing toxins and also reestablishes hydration by balancing electrolytes; it can also stimulate a sluggish or congested liver. Since dandelion is rich in antioxidants such as vitamin-C and Luteolin, it can benefits overall liver function and protect it from aging. Dandelion root provides a mild laxative effect; it increases bile production, relieves constipation, gas, bloating and other stomach upsets. The root may also relieve headaches and help to treat skin disorders such as boils and acne, and any ailment related to liver dysfunction. Dandelion may also boost the production of natural and healthy bacteria in the gastrointenstinal tract. Phenolic antioxidants in dandelion neutralize free radicals, which are reactive molecules that damage cells in the liver.


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