False Dandelions

False dandelion is a common name for a number of plants similar to dandelions.

false dandelion plant hieracium caespitosum
Hieracium Caespitosum

Hieracium, known by the common name "Hawkweed" and classically as "hierakion", is a genus of the sunflower (Helianthus) family Asteraceae (or Compositae).
They are closely related to dandelion (Taraxacum), chicory (Cichorium), prickly lettuce (Lactuca) and sow thistle (Sonchus), which are part of the tribe Cichorieae. Hawkweeds, with their 10,000+ recorded species and subspecies, do their part to make Asteraceae the second largest family of flowers.

Some species of Hieracium, such as Hieracium caespitosum (Field Hawkweed) are sometimes mistaken for dandelions due to similar appearances.   Source-Wikipedia


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