False Dandelions

False dandelion is a common name for a number of plants similar to dandelions.

false dandelion plant hypochaeris radicata
Hypochaeris radicata

Hypochaeris (sometimes spelled Hypochoeris) is a genus of plants in the family Asteraceae. The estimated number of different species ranges from 50 up to about 100 -- many which are known as 'Catsear (or Cat's Ear)'. These are annual and perennial herbs generally bearing flower heads with yellow ray florets.

Because of the strong resemblance to the true dandelion, Hypochaeris Radicata is the species most often referred to as the false dandelion, but still has similar nutritonal and medicinal qualities. Another species in this family that is commonly mistaken for a dandelion is Hypochaeris Sessiliflora, nicknamed 'Chikku Chikku'. Most species are native to South America, but some are found in Eurasia and North Africa.   Source-Wikipedia

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