False Dandelions

False dandelion is a common name for a number of plants similar to dandelions.

false dandelion plant nothocalais troximoides
Nothocalais Troximoides

Nothocalais is a genus of flowering plants in the daisy and sunflower family. There are four species in total, known generally as "False Dandelions" or "False Agoseris". They are native to North America. Species include: Nothocalais alpestris, also called 'alpine lake false dandelion'; Nothocalais cuspidata, referred to as the 'prairie false dandelion'; Nothocalais nigrescens, also known as 'speckled false dandelion';Nothocalais troximoides, comonly referred to as the 'sagebrush false dandelion'.   Source-Wikipedia


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