False Dandelions

leontodon hispidus fake dandelion flower
Leontodon Hispidus

Leontodon Hispidus, is a perennial that grows up to 0.5 m (1ft 8in). It is a species of hawkbit known by the common names "Bristly Hawkbit and Rough Hawkbit." It is native to Europe but it can be found throughout North America as an introduced species.

Like Catsears, Hawkbits are often mistaken for dandelions. Except for some very rare species of hawkbits, dandelions and catsears can be distinguished from the rest by the absence of leaves along the flowering stem. Dandelions contain a milky juice, catsears have chaffy scales among their florets and hawkbits have neither.

It ranked first place among the "non-weed" perennials examined in a recent British study for meadow flora nectar productivity. Its production was almost twice as high as the best-ranking annual that was not considered a weed. Certain plants classed as weeds (including ragwort, bull thistle, and creeping thistle) produced the most nectar of all.   Source-Wikipedia

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